Availability in real-life physical museums can be understood differently. But when we use digital space, some of the restrictions disappear automatically. After all, a visitor can get into a virtual museum from anywhere in the world within a second. Therefore, we decided to approach the topic from the other side: through the concept of inaccessibility.

Digital space provides a number of advantages, but the effect of proximity to the piece of art and the immersion in the environment created by the artist is lost. In an effort to illustrate this effect, we have created a cold and secluded planet - as a metaphor for emptiness, where pieces of art shine like guiding stars.

We have chosen the works by the contemporary artist Tracy Helgeson to represent the idea. She strives for simplicity and clarity of expression: in color, in form, in the choice of subjects and in a laconic compositional solution. All these qualities catch the viewer's attention.

The visitors desire to see the art is being challenged in our project. The exhibition space is unusual. You will see no picture on the wall or a sculpture, but an imaginary oasis on the horizon. Visitors are moving towards the pictures. The painting becomes the main goal. They don't know, what is on it, and they don't not understand why they need it. But at the same time visitors are following it.

The disappearing beauty of the works refers us to real life, where we choose the vector of motion ourselves. Questions arise along the way. Will I reach my goal? What will happen next? Am I wasting my time?
In our work, the topic of availability is rethought from the opposite. The digital world immerses us in a spatial experience inspired by the artist's work, which makes a person feel like a part of this creativity.
Irina Talibova
Anastasia Sonina
Irina Kapunkina
Elizaveta Grishina
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