Scaling is an expanding of museum functions and transition of a museum into a digital space. Adaptation is a way of scaling. As an example of adaptation we decided to take the most abstract field of information - sound. In our project we create a 3D model, based on the sound spectrum of music track. And the viewer (or listener) is able to discover a new spatial layer of sound perception.

This type of exhibiting will work with museums where sound is the main content.

As an example, we used the work of the German industrial group Einst├╝rzende Neubauten. Since the style of their music evokes associations with performance and Dadaist motives.

You can hear music in some parts of the digital landscape, and the landscape deforms according to these sounds.

In order to accentuate the transition of sound into a digital, three-dimensional space, we take a voxel as a module, increasing its scale.

Getting on the surface, the user encounters pulsating volumes in some areas. Depending on the content, the environment reacts to the sounds of music tracks, deforming the digital landscape.
Oleg Chediya
Daria Mansurova
Anna Sklezneva
The games are not supported on mobile devices.
Play, using wasd to move, "space" to jump and your mouse to look around. Don't forget to turn on the music.
Have a great digital journey!
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Margarita Podgornaya
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