80% of museum funds are hidden in repositories and are not exhibited anywhere.
We see the solution to the problem in creating a global virtual fund.

In near future, all museums will have virtual scanned copies of pieces of art and the exchange of data between museums will become possible, with the help of Big Data. The digital space will make it possible to more effectively interact with works of art, stored in repositories.

Digital repository will not only allow displaying hidden art, but also preserve fragile, yet underestimated digital art.

During the post-pandemic reality, we decided to cover this topic using the example of #COVIDART. Covid art is a potential art, that has social and aesthetic value, but is at risk of disappearing into the global information flow of the Internet.
We created the #COVIDART digital space to preserve the memory of one of the most difficult periods in modern history.
Kseniya Apalkova
Ekaterina Borisenko
Mariya Pudan
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