Beyond the physical space, a teleport allows us not only to move between different places in a second, but also to move a piece of art, which we cannot imagine in real life in such a space. The perception of art outside of the physical reality is completely different. So we suggest the viewer not to admire art in our museum, but to reflect on the significance of the context and its relationship with the object.

As an example, we have chosen the sculpture of Venus de Milo, a well-known art-work that has long become a symbol. The planet consists of six different atmospheric spaces: dominant, amphitheater, cyberpunk, surrealism, replication and grotto. Each of the space reveals to the viewer the image of Venus from a new side. The museum proposes to change the viewer's attitude to a well-known work and to think about controversial issues through the collision of sculpture and a more or less familiar context for it.

Will our attitude to Venus de Milo change dramatically outside the usual halls of the Louvre?
Polina Stepanova
Rada Belova
Tatiana Nestrugina
Tatiana Shirocova
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